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Satsang . earth Satsang . earth traditions traditions Alexander Smit Alexander Smit Agenda Agenda Contact Contact Blog Blog Facebook Facebook Home Home Alexander Smit (1948-1998)Alexander Smit: “In Jnana we say: the best one can do is to attend this kind of meetings (satsang), taking the best of it and become Selfrealized as soon as possible. This (satsang) is creating a situation in which Selfrealization is possible.”  Alexander Smit: “In India this sort of meeting is called satsang, which means ‘the encounter with the holy ones’. But the correct translation is: ‘the encounter with clarity, the pure’, the encounter with the frictionless. In the Advaita Vedanta tradition no room is given for worship, for the worship of persons, for guru-worship and such... Sat means the purest of the purest. Actually it is shudhsatsang: encounter with the pure, with Consciousness itself, with yourself. Satsang is not being in a beautiful spiritual conversation, no, satsang is the encounter with the pure and then realizing that you are that. And then you let it go... Thus the ultimate satsang is the ultimate encounter with the essence, silence... You could almost say that the Jnana teachers, i.e. Advaita Vedanta, invite you to evaporate in it, to fall into it, to drown in it, to vanish in it...” A A Alexander Smit Nisargadatta Maharaj Nisargadatta Maharaj Selvarajan Yesudian Selvarajan Yesudian » » Ramana Maharshi Ramana Maharshi