Throughout the ages there have always been people who realized their True Nature. They found themselves as Freedom, the Absolute, Tao, Truth, Love, the Original Spirit or by whatever name one might designate the Unnameable. At all times there were also (and will always be) people who radiated this through their lives. Usually they were named in accordance with the culture to which they belonged: Buddhas, Messiahs, Samurai, Sufis, Jnanis, Satgurus, Siddhas, Self-realized Ones... They were people like Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the Dutchman Alexander Smit. Many of them remained unknown, for their pointers were always given in the light of the unchangeable Radiant Essence and never referred to the ‘shadow figure’ who transmitted them. Such a Master is speaking in this little book! Old Cheng…  This is the second part of three publications about Master Cheng. Most books in this genre begin   with a search and end with enlightenment. The narrative here starts with the realization of enlightenment and goes on to show the wealth of possibilities in what lies beyond. Therefore this booklet is intended for those who long for total Liberation and who are truly willing to give up oneness with God in order to be completely lost     in Godhead...     Randolph The  Ultimate  Liberation…  The Buddha realized it in India, Lao Tse in China, Jesus  in  Judaea,  Master  Cheng  in…    Old Cheng, who in Part One uncompromisingly shook the foundations of a Buddhist monastery, after an absence of many years turns up unannounced to provide one of the monks with further guidance.  This awakened monk discarded his robe and is now   a family man with four children. Although the realization of oneness and enlightenment all too often are regarded as the end of spiritual seeking, Cheng shows that the ultimate Reality is far beyond that. Therefore this is a ‘journey of finding’ beyond the   last pitfalls, mirror spheres and mystifications of a convulsing, ‘terminal’ mind. Old Cheng gives the silent Radiant Heart a direct, crystal-clear voice. He shatters all falsities and copied ‘truths’ and points directly and in plain words to the Ultimate!  Master Cheng’s radical and unconventional approach is completely in line with the tradition of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the Dutchman Alexander Smit. These pointers are the pure essence of Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Zen and Satsang. Having indeed allowed the content of these writings to sink in, you will never be the same...  their realization, which is yet to come. Thus Master Cheng’s ‘pointing’ in this part is especially interesting for spiritual teachers,  gurus,  coaches  and  anyone  guiding  people  on  an essential level.    Enlightenment - with the realization of the Absolute as its highest peak - is not yet the end of the journey. Beyond the top awaits a ‘going down the other side of the mountain’, where the Absolute merges with the relative, and both are lost. Any  form  of  profit  or  loss  has  disappeared  here. Although this Lostness is beyond life, it takes place among the people. Old Cheng calls this ‘being fully in the world, yet no longer   of this world’. Here one’s point of gravity  shifts  from  Being Conscious to Being Consciously Un-conscious. An outsider will hardly recognize this and will probably confuse it with un-conscious- ness. That’s why this is the most misunderstood  realization, completely overlooked by almost all religious and spiritual traditions!                                                                                     and Satsang!  The  last  spiritual  taboo…   Being Conscious is frequently extol- led as the highpoint of spiritual enlightenment. But this is highly overrated. Having reached ‘the top of the mountain’, most Self- realized people start to ‘teach and preach’, even though this will block the most important and decisive phase of     Forthcoming: Master Cheng, part III. A Finger Pointing to the Freedom of Lostness. Descending from the Mountain.  Master Cheng I » » » Master Cheng II Master Cheng III Master Cheng I Master Cheng Portal Would you like to order the Master Cheng books, click here  >>
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