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Forthcoming: MASTER CHENG III Master Cheng, A Finger Pointing beyond the Sun and the Sky Part III: Freedom beyond Enlightenment Author: Randolph.
The Last spiritual taboo... Being Conscious is frequently extolled as the highpoint of spiritual enlightenment. But this is highly overrated. Having reached ‘the top of the mountain’, most Self- realized people start to ‘teach and preach’, even though this will block the most important and decisive phase of their realization, which is yet to come. Thus Master Cheng’s ‘pointing’ in this part is especially interesting for spiritual teachers, gurus, coaches and anyone guiding people on an essential level. Enlightenment - with the realization of the Absolute as its highest peak - is not yet the end of the journey. Beyond the top awaits a ‘going down the other side of the mountain’, where the Absolute merges with the relative, and both are lost. Any form of profit or loss has disappeared here. Although this Lostness is beyond life, it takes place among the people. Old Cheng calls  this ‘being fully in the world, yet no l onger of this world’. Here one’s point of gravity shifts from Being Conscious to Being Consciously Un-conscious.  An outsider will hardly recognize this and will probably confuse it with un-consciousness. That’s why this is the most misunderstood realization, completely overlooked by almost all religious and spiritual traditions!
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