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Satsang . earth Satsang . earth Selvarajan Yesudian Selvarajan Yesudian traditions traditions Agenda Agenda Contact Contact Blog Blog Facebook Facebook Home Home Alexander Smit Alexander Smit Nisargadatta Maharaj Nisargadatta Maharaj » » » » » » Ramana Maharshi Ramana Maharshi Selvarajan Yesudian (1916-1998)“Man is a mysterious wonder... The boundedness of his days demands that he wake from his dreamy slumber and get to know the power of his being and the unboundedness of his Self....   For thousands of years man has sought tirelessly to find the solution to the great secret, the mystery. Many have taken it upon themselves to unravel the secret of being a human being, yet few have succeeded in putting it into words. Their tireless striving, steely perseverance and yearning to grasp the truth bore fruit: their spirits were enlightened and the whole secret of Existence was revealed to them. They understood life, were able to penetrate to the final origin, and found and followed the way leading from suffering to freedom, happiness and blessedness. They knew that this state could be reached by everyone, and, so enlightened, began out of compassion to teach their fellows who languished in pain and sorrow, pointing the way to deliverance and liberation.   There are different ways to reach the top. Many will take the easiest way (the serpentine way with broad turnings).... Others will shorten the way by choosing a steeper (and narrower) path. And finally, a few will take the shortest way, climbing the steep cliffs...”
“Naar de top voeren verschillende wegen. Menigeen zal de gemakkelijkste serpentine weg nemen (de weg met brede kronkelingen)… Een ander zal de weg verkorten en een steiler (en smaller) pad kiezen. Tenslotte zullen er ook nog zijn, die de kortste weg nemen en de steile rotswanden beklimmen…”
Selva Selva Selvarajan Yesudian