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Een eeuwenoude bevrijdingsweg...  An ancient, traditional path of liberation.... E E every human being has the right to deep happiness and freedom from unnecessary suffering. Has anyone ever told you that it’s possible to live a dynamic, even turbulent life, taking place in the peace, freedom and absolute Stillness of your True Nature? The realization of such a turbulent exist-ence in midst of the heart of your life is possible through realizing ‘the Silent center of the cyclone’... satya Satsang and Advaita Vedanta are ancient, traditional ways of liberation. They are the Direct Path for people who want to realize their true nature and who want to let their lives be taken up and taken over by the living Mystery. Satya means the absolute Truth, the Radiant Heart, the Original. Advaita stands for Oneness and Vedanta stands for dissloving in the Natural state. About Randolph About Randolph What Satsang is What Satsang is Home satya Satsang and Advaita Vedanta show you that for Self-realization, nothing essentially needs to be changed. They let you realize that your exciting life takes place in and around this still and silent Heart Center. Satsangs are meetings in the Truth of your true Nature. Here, neither authority in an ‘other’ nor authority in ‘yourself’ is projected. Randolph calls his transmission ‘the transmission of Heart & Space’. These ways of Ultimate or Absolute Liberation have their origins in India and the Himalayas and has been passed down through a succession of teachers. Randolph is such a teacher... >>  If you would like to read more, please scroll down... T T R R B B randolph is a link between two lineages of transmission. The first is the transmission and the realization of the Heart, from Ramana Maharshi via Selvarajan Yesudian. The second is Self-realization, in the line of the Navnath Sampradaya of Nisargadatta via Alexander Smit. Randolph’s transmission is called, among other things, the Direct Path, because all the traditional ‘bells and whistles’ of ritual procedures and worship forms are omitted. You will, instead, be guided simply and immediately to the Source.Satya Satsang is therefore free from implicit spiritual or religious dogmas, free from any belief system, and at the same time not in conflict with anything. but a real and genuine journey of realization can, thanks to the awakening in Oneness and Enlightenment, go beyond even Awareness. Awareness is not the end point, but the bridge to the ultimate Liberation. The Direct Path leads to entering fully into the Radiant Heart, the realization of the Absolute. You move from the mirror circuit of life to the circuit of the Source. The receiving existence (the indirect mirror circuit of life) which tapers off via reflection and referring, dissolves into the direct Source Circuit. The mind sinks and dissolves into the Heart. It is then possible for the life-force to rise up renewed like a phoenix. Randolph calls the dissolution Lostness, and the re-emergence the ultimate Liberation: “Lose your last condition, lose your interest in Awareness, the conscious, your investment in Beingness. Rediscover the treasure, the diamond of the Living Love that is unconditional and immediate and has no beginning or end. Accepting this gift, which is everyone’s birthright, calls for just one thing: the total giving up of everything you thought you were... Agenda Agenda Contact Contact Blog Blog Facebook Facebook Satsangs Satsang Satsangs Satsang Donations Donations Credits Credits Contact Contact » » » » Agenda Agenda » »
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he pivot of Satya Satsang and Advaita Vedanta is centration, stabilization and self-investigation: looking at matters directly and seeing directly in your True Nature. Before, during and beyond ‘I feel miserable’ or ‘I’ m happy’ is I AM, Knowingness, Awareness, the unity of universal beingness.
The transmission of Heart & Space
28 April - 5 May 2018
Satsang Ibiza IntensiveThe transmission of Heart & Space…28 April - 5 May 2018 Satsang Ibiza IntensiveThe transmission of Heart & Space…28 April - 5 May 2018 S S