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Satsang con Randolph: Unidad, Iluminación, Liberación

La Fuerza del silencio...

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“Open up to the rainbows, the moon, the sun and the stars...”

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De Grote zoektocht

The Great Search

“Everyone has experienced magical moments in their lives. Moments in which everything is suddenly bathed in an exquisite, mysterious light, when all reality is perceived in endless clarity and the heart explodes! You wander enraptured, lost in the glory of an ecstatic universe...”

Satsang met Randolph

Live your passion

“Life is a magic quest, you meet and walk upon the landscape of what you radiate. Through satsang you discover your passion, the journey through your heart. The spiritual heart first awakens your passion and compassion. I call this traditional transmission ‘the transmission of Heart & Space’ ...” logo

“Its the same Silence...
in the eye of the hurricane,
in the flight of the eagle,
in the blossoming of the flowers and
in the whispering of the wind in de treetops...”

Satsang met Randolph: 'Het stille centrum van de cycloon'...

El centro Silencioso del ciclón

“Alguna vez alguien le ha contado sobre la posibilidad de una existencia turbulenta llena de dinamismo y de vida y que sucede al mismo tiempo en libertad, paz y en el absoluto Silencio de su  Naturaleza Verdadera? La realizacion de esa existencia turbulenta en medio del corazón de su vida es posible a través de la realización del 'centro Silencioso del ciclón'...”

Darshan met Randolph: 'De twilight, het Schitterende en het Stralende'...

The twilight, the Bright & the Radiant

“Through satsang you discover your true nature and learn to recognize once more the fundamental goodness and beauty of existence. As you go further in your realization adventure, the sparkling clarity and the bliss of Beingness emerges, eventually to merge into the Absolute Radiant...” logo


The Realization journey through the inner Himalaya

The Red Thread through the Advaita Vedanta, Dzogchen, Yoga, Zen... 








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