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The Great Search

Satsang with Randolph

Oneness, Enlightenment, Liberation...

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The explosion of the Heart

“Everyone has experienced magical moments in their lives. Moments in which everything is suddenly bathed in an exquisite, mysterious light, when all reality is perceived in endless clarity and the heart explodes! You wander enraptured, lost in the glory of an ecstatic universe. These moments come out of nowhere, unannounced, without explanation… and then they disappear.

You didn't have to do anything, you didn't have to work for it. It just came over you. Nothing had changed - everything was there just as always: the trees, the sun, the sky, the people . . . and yet everything was different. The same trees, people, happenings were suddenly bathed in a mysterious light that made everything exquisitely alive, dancing and singing. . . . It was reality unfiltered, unmediated by the mind, unconditioned, absolutely naked and uncomplicated. Somehow a “perspective shift” had taken place…

After such an experience, most of us wonder: “What happened?” “Can I experience it again?” “How did it come about?” A search is born… Peak-experiences


My own quest also began that way. I knew that what I’d been seeking must have always been there, but for some reason I couldn’t reach it or approach it... In an attempt to find the key, I studied psychology. I read about “peak experiences” and learned that, according to the research, only a handful of such experiences occur in a human life. In my life they had happened a few times: during one particular sunset on the beach, when my first teacher Selva Raja Yesudian looked into my eyes, when my children were born…

I saw that most people around me were content with those few peak moments. My surroundings and society at large tried to convince me that it wasn't real, but somehow I knew that the unfiltered reality I had experienced existed, somewhere, permanent and not subject to change. I saw that people tried to escape the daily grind in a multitude of ways. I saw them living in denial or indulging in all kinds of fantasies. I saw many reaching for mind-altering substances or getting lost in “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”, but I knew that these were only temporary measures.  the Lightpath

The Lightpath

I cast my attention far and wide in an attempt to further my quest, and looked for people who could help me. Most of the teachers I met tried to convince me that I needed to meditate, or to practise abstinence, or to be still. . . . But I was seeking something innocent, naked and directly accessible. I felt that my answer lay in the total acceptance of the fulness of life.

Eventually I met some true teachers... through whose tutoring I discovered, slowly but surely, the principles which were at the basis of what I had originally experienced as a mysterious perspective shift. I began to perceive the world and my reality through totally different eyes. I saw that the reality presented by TV, the internet and newspapers - the reality which occupied the people around me - had nothing to do with the sublime, tender, all-loving revelations of what eternally Is... Awakening

Awakening, Oneness, Enlightenment & Liberation

“In the years that followed I was piloted by my teachers through all the classic traps and pitfalls of the mind, More and more I woke up from the dream called “life” and became less and less caught up in the power play. I became less distracted and determined by the “lifeless, dried-up crust” of the conditioned earth and felt myself carried by her mysterious depth…

Finally - via realizations of oneness and enlightenment - the ultimate Liberation manifested itself… This ultimate Liberation in the Radiance is something quite different from the realizations of oneness and enlightenment which most people regard as the final spiritual destination.”



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